Municipal Safe Organic Compost


CompostPLUS is the brand name of the organic fertilizer produced by EarthCare. It is non-toxic, odorless and has been scientifically tested at the laboratories of IITA, IAR&T, Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture and has been confirmed to meet international standards

Earthcare CompostPLUS is a product of Solid Waste Composting Project which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by diverting solid waste, which would normally go to landfills in the city of Lagos, to a state-of-the-art composting facility.

Organic Compost helps improve soil quality and crop yields; strengthens food security; and, more generally, contributes to the region’s sustainable development.


Our product is sold Ex-Factory Ikorodu, Lagos State. To Place an order or contact a dealer nearest to you, please call us on 0803 307 2032 , 0809 0570 154 or send a message to

We Produce only the best Organic Compost, good for your crops, harmless to the health!.

product Composition

Earthcare Compost PLUS contains select microbes that inhibit soil borne fungi and nematodes which destroy the root systems of plants.

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